Last train..

The last train is coming,
but I won't be on it.
I made myself this promise,
Cause I no longer love him.

And I know,
when I'm gone he's gonna miss me.
And I know,
all of my love and kisses.
He's gonna have to live without it,
Cause I wont be coming back.

Knock, knock. Been knocking for years.
But no one's there, he don't care till I disapear.
That's the only time he wants me.

He don't want love, he just want to touch..

And I'm tired of all his lies,
I'm tired of crying.
I gotta draw the line, he's out of time.
And it ain't worth it to hold on

The last train is coming, but I wont be on it.
And I made myself this promise, cause I no longer love him..


 Rock City - Last Train <3


Love doesn't excist..

Thought you was true,
but it was all a big lie.
I want to stop my love,
But it doesn't matter
How hard I try.

I know you never loved me,
But you know I did.
Now I'm looking back
And want to get over it.

I love myself more
So I have to move on.
But you'll stay in my heart
Till my heartbeat stops.


My tears dried, my heart died.

How could I be this stupid?
How could I fall for him?
How could I be that blind?
How could I trust him?

Said I'll never be played.
Said I'll never be that dumb.
Said I'll never be desperate,
that I'll never have this broken heart..

But you came
and changed it all.
Played with my heart,
Didn't care at all.

And you laughed
and told me all these lies.
But I'm smarter now,
Thanks for opening my eyes.